This recipe has been on my mind for a while. I’ve been dreaming up different ways of making these ‘breakfast’ ramekins and of which ingredients to include. So when I came across this blog post I knew I had found the ideal combination to start with.

I called them ‘breakfast’ ramekins, but really they’re ideal for any time. It’s best to bake just before serving. What is it with ‘little’ food that makes it taste better?

For each serving you will need:

– 2 eggs

– 4 tablespoons cooked spinach leaves

– 2 rashers of bacon, rind removed and chopped into bite size chunks

– 2 tablespoons ricotta salata, shredded (optional/ or any other cheese)

Preheat your oven to about 150 degrees.

I used frozen spinach and cooked it by boiling in salted water for a few minutes. Don’t forget to drain any liquid before placing your spinach at one end of the ramekin as shown below.

If you like you may crisp the bacon in a pan before placing in the ramekin. I used as is and added a few pieces on top of everything just because I love bacon.

Place some bacon at the bottom of your dish. Gently crack open the eggs, trying to keep the yolk intact. After I did this, I poked the spinach slightly with a fork so that the egg white would infuse into that part of the dish too. Don’t fuss though, you can easily let it be and that will be fine too.


Cover the egg/bacon part with the shredded cheese and grind some fresh pepper on top.

Cook for about 10 minutes or until the egg whites are set and the yolk runny. If you prefer to have your yolks set, wait an additional 2-4 minutes.


I will definitely be trying this again and again especially over the weekends in winter. I’m thinking spring onion, chives, chorizo, mushrooms…

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  1. Posted July 5, 2013 at 7:15 am | Permalink

    You’re making me want to organise a brunch!!! I do it for friends at Xmas (a couple of days after Xmas day really) and i’m starting to think that i need to do it more often. I also just bought a set of 8 ramekins.. this is a sign!!!

    • Posted July 5, 2013 at 8:00 am | Permalink

      🙂 🙂 Glad to be encouraging the making of more delicious breakfasts!!! mmmmmm…. I’m hungry now too!!

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