This is a relatively easy dish to make – so ideal for cooks who are just starting off… just beginning their adventure into the wonderful world of the potato.

For the occasion I used baby potatoes, which are more convenient as they cook quicker and are easier to eat.

You can use potatoes which have been boiled earlier if you like. Simply place in water, bring it to the boil and check the potatoes after about 7-10 minutes. When the fork pierces them right through easily, then they are done. Turn off the heat and leave them to cool or run cold water on them

You are less likely to destroy them if you leave the peel on and give them some time to cool. Hence, chop in half and place them on a baking tray flat side up. Spray some oil on the foil to prevent sticking.

Grate your favourite cheese and place a sufficient amount on each one. I used halloumi as it is my latest craze..  This cheese is the bees knees, really. No, really. It’s texture is especially important in this recipe as it will become soft without melting and sliding off the potato.

Once you’ve covered each one in cheese, grind some fresh pepper on top and add a dash of oregano. Place in a fan oven for a few minutes until the tops just start to brown. Serve as a side dish or snack.

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