Here is the menu for the High Tea which will be served during the upcoming le salon event As The Dust Settles on the 9th March by Spice Kitchen. You may remember these ladies from the regular Patches events. They have modelled the food to match the theme, which is dance, and so..

… the key words were movement, aeration, froth, fluffy, fizziness, lightness, airiness, freedom…as well as the cultural contexts of the different forms of dance which are going to be on display. So theres a hint of the Orient with belly dancing and Hot blooded Hispanics with Tango and Flamenco so this what we have come up with…

Welcome Drink: Sprtizer Royale – white wine spritzer laced with blackcurrant cassis or grenadine


Filo Nests with mango and pepper salsa

Grilled Marrows, peppers and artichokes on a billowy foccacia bed

Spinach and Feta Frittata

Sundried tomato and black olive muffins

Smoke Salmon Dill and Cream cheese wraps

Moroccan Hummus Dip


Raspberry Meringue Swirls with chocolate ganache

Lemon Choux Clouds

Cosmopolitan Jelly shots

Tea & Coffee

Selection of Filter Coffee, Spiced Coffee, and Chai tea

Comments are appreciated.. say your bit!