Since this is not your conventional stage-and-seating arrangement, how do you conduct a performance as a walk-through in a shelter? This is how – the character of the guardian was created as a voice, a prelude, a means to set the scene. She is a part of the story and yet she transcends her mortal trappings. She knows all, she IS all. This little lady packs a lot of punch!


Who is the Guardian?

The guardian is a kind of guiding source who is closely connected to Theresa however is almost detached from the story, as it exists in a parallel dynamic. It is a kind of impartial story-teller and guide to the audience who is trying to reveal a journey of emotion. Its presence is felt but is somehow translucent.

As the guardian how do you feel about controlling the pace of the play and being the link between the spectators and their active influence on the performance?

The play is a very emotional journey and the pace is one of the key elements in maintaining the mood and tension created from one room to the next. The guardian takes on the role of a guide and narrator to the audience and shifts almost as a protector to them throughout the play, recounting fond episodes of her/his former protegé.

Let Naomi guide you this weekend – tickets here.

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