I’ve often been told that when reading my writing it is obvious that it is written by a woman. I don’t get it, because it’s something that is simultaneously a part of me and all at once separate too,  but I guess the extreme emotion that I put into my words is clearly feminine. This fact makes me wary when choosing a male character to play the role of the person/s I am in a way addressing my writing to. The masculine element in these pieces represent emotions and moments that vary from the mysterious to the cruel and suffocating, to the ideal soul mate. David manages to portray these changes and his various facets in one smooth performance. He also teaches us that really getting to know a person is an elusive privilege.


Who is Igor?

That’s an interesting question. Igor from an outside point of view is somewhat lost in translation, his speech is scarce and his stance, drifting. He seems to stare, observe and listen more than he acts, speaks and impresses. His suggestions are subtle and understated and his uninterrupted lust for feeling is contained within his apparent lack of speech. He only ever speaks his own name, and then watches, slightly confused as Teresa giggles at her unfamiliarity with it. I think, in a way, unfamiliarity is a visible characteristic of Igor, which explains his want for experience, combined with a slight hesitance, and later imbued persistence. Interestingly as he absorbs his surroundings he is the one who eventually suggests the paint, which is eventually what colours (or stains, see it as you may) the two with a tangible memory.
As an outsider to the microtheatre world, how is acting in this setting different to your training and previous experiences?
My training although mixed, had nothing to do with neither Physical Theatre nor Micro Theatre. I feel right at home with Microtheatre, as the intimacy of the smaller theatres in the round have always been a characteristic I am fond of and have worked a lot in. Physical Theatre, on the other hand, is new to me. I have only had little training for it, and almost no experience in the realm. My previous work has been focused mostly on text-based and Musical performances. So I have used my more exploratory approach for this. Igor helped me, in reality, as his “lost in translation” sort of feel, mimics my own disorientation into the physical mode. Thankfully Alba was more than capable in tutoring me into this style, and I think, considering the relative new for me, she has helped me learn quickly and effectively.
Watch David portraying Igor here

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