On your shopping list:

  • Easy cook rice – the kind that you can cook in its handy little bag, which has been already measured for portion size. It also does not require any skill other than the use of a timer.
  • Ready cooked sausage
  • Frozen peas
  • 2 hard boiled eggs – follow this link and use maximum cooking time to ensure they are hard boiled
  • Optional tablespoon of mayonnaise

Cook the rice according to instructions on the packet and drain. Do taste it just to make sure you got it right and that the rice has indeed cooked well.

Cut up your sausage into bite-size chunks. Taste to make sure you got the right variety and that they are in fact cooked.

Defrost a handful of peas in the microwave for a few minutes. Test a couple to make sure they have defrosted well.

After boiling your egg, run under cold water for a few minutes until the shell has cooled down sufficiently for you to handle it. Seasoned cooks might want to skip this step as they have grown asbestos fingers. Beat the egg firmly with the back of a spoon or roll around on a hard flat surface pressing gently until the shell starts to crack. If you did not let the egg cook for sufficient time you may get a nasty, slimy surprise at this point. If this happens, start boiling another egg.

Remove all the shell and rinse under cold water again to make sure it is all gone. Using an egg slicer, chop up the egg.

Place all your ingredients in a bowl and mix. Serve hot or cold. Let it cool down and then keep refrigerated if you are serving cold. This dish does not keep beyond 24 hours.

There you have it – YES you can cook too!

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