I purchased a bag of Kamut pasta shells and really enjoyed them; the shell shape holds the sauce so well, so that each bite is flavourful, plus I find kamut to be very filling with its high fibre content. Read about a study conducted with modern Durum wheat and soft wheat vs Kamut® brand Khorasan wheat here.

You can serve this sauce with any type of pasta or other grain.



You will need (for 2 portions):

a handful of chopped bacon (about 3 rashers or 1/2 a cup)
a large courgette, chopped into small cubes
mushrooms, sliced
tomato sauce (about 1 cup)
salt and pepper to taste

In a large pan (you will add the pasta to this later) fry the chopped bacon for a few minutes, then add the courgettes and keep cooking until the courgette pieces are tender and starting to brown.

In the meantime cook your pasta/rice/quinoa/buckwheat (or alternately use cauliflower rice?) in salted water following instructions from the packet. Drain and reserve a little bit of the water.

Add tomato sauce and mushrooms to your bacon/courgette mixture and cook until heated through.

Add the pasta and water (about 2 tablespoons) to your sauce and mix thoroughly. Serve hot with some freshly ground pepper and grated goat’s cheese.


From the scene Mermaid Chair

Artists – actors, musicians, poets and so on – we work for months on end on projects whilst juggling our day jobs, getting home late and cooking dinner. Somehow, somewhere we fit in doing the laundry and feeding the kitties. And it’s all worthwhile as long as the result is fruitful. In the end, when everything is set, lines and moves have been learned, we are nothing without YOU, the audience.


‘Your story on my body’ from the recently published poetry book Pomegranate Heart

PH-LAunch 2015 prt2-75

16 poems, 3 actors, 2 musicians
A beautiful space – lights, sounds, deep breaths and … WE’RE OFF!


the actors: from left Naomi Said, Brandon Shaw, Alba Florian Viton

Tomorrow is opening night, I’m equally anxious and excited that this long project is finally coming to a head. I’m also very curious to see what our audience will think of this multi-disciplinary creation of ours.



The fuzzhoneys – from left Caroline Spiteri and Francesca Mercieca

So, it’s your turn to do your bit now :) Come watch us!

Tickets for Trap-ease from HERE.
Trap-ease FB event HERE.

Pomegranate Heart book HERE.
Info/Music by fuzzhoneys HERE.

To view photos from the night where I spent my time signing books, floating incredulously in the air and hugging friends (and strangers!) click here. The photos were taken by Jacob Sammut… you will hear more about this man’s art soon as we are collaborating on a project.

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