Eggy Avocado Toast


This recipe makes for a delicious breakfast or snack which will keep you feeling satisfied for some time.


Read about what ‘glycemic load\index’ means first.

Both eggs (boiled) and avocados are high in fat and have a low glycemic load, together with a relatively low carbohydrate content. Check out their nutritional value here (avocado) and here (boiled egg).

On the other hand, wholemeal/multigrain bread provides carbs and fibres while still maintaining a low glycemic load.

This means that the sugars in your blood should remain stable and thus not cause a spike followed by a slump in energy.

You will need (these amounts make 2 stuffed sandwiches made with regular whole-wheat bread slices, but you can use for up to 4 sandwiches)

– 1 ripe avocado (how to prepare)

– 2 boiled eggs

– 1 tablespoon mayo (optional)

After much frustration I found that the best way to ‘peel’ a boiled egg is to cut it in half length-ways with a knife and scoop the insides out. Some other tips here.

Mash everything together and spread on toasted bread.





Vegetable Stacks


Do you want to be able to conjure up exciting meat and veg meals, but keep running out of ideas?

This vegetable and cheese stack can brighten up your dinner plate and make meals more fun even for fussy eaters.

Simply grill slices of aubergine or courgettes, drizzle with some good olive oil, top with a slice of local tomato (seeds removed!), add salt and pepper and then cover with some cheese and fresh herbs of your choice.


You might also like this aubergine salad or this aubergine, bacon and chili salad and if you’ve got more time and like to make couscous, try this one.


Panettone pudding

IMG_20150208_083444 The notion of this marvellous Italian creation – panettone – going to waste is horrible! But in the weeks/months following Christmas this tends to happen. So if you have one that’s only been partially eaten or is drying up, this is what you can do with it :) This is how you can revive a panettone!

You will need:

A whole or whatever is left of your panettone (the below values were used on 3/4 of one)

3 eggs

400ml milk

1/2 cup sugar

3 tablespoons chocolate bits

50ml Bailey’s

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Pre-heat your oven on 180 degrees C with fan.

Cut up the panettone roughly with your hands into large chunks and place them in a large, flat oven dish.

Whisk the eggs in a large bowl.

Mix all the other ingredients with the eggs and pour the mixture over the panettone. It may seem like too little at first, but as you mix it up the panettone will start to soak up the fluids. Continue mixing until all your cake has been soaked with your mixture.


Bake for about 40 minutes until set and starting to brown at the edges.


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